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Urban Teachers seeks strong, passionate individuals who are ready to do what it takes to become effective teachers for students in low-income communities. We invest time in getting to know each applicant to ensure every person we accept has the qualities of a successful teacher-in-the-making. 

Program Highlights

  • Earn your degree from Johns Hopkins University, a top-ranked school providing classroom-focused coursework.
  • Draw on one year of hands-on experience working as a co-teacher in urban classrooms under the guidance of our expert faculty.
  • Receive three years of one-on-one coaching as you develop your skills as a teacher.
  • Become an AmeriCorps member and receive financial and other benefits for your service in high-need communities.
  • Start your career with guaranteed placement in a school, and a valuable dual-certification in Special Education and the content area of your choice.

Steps to Becoming an urban teacher

feb26 deadline.png

We are currently accepting Cohort 2018 applications, for participants who plan to start in June. Our next deadline is February 26, 2018! Apply now to get your preferred site and content area.


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