You need great teachers.
Urban Teachers provides them.

Urban Teachers believes that school leaders deserve a guarantee: Every teacher you hire should be proven effective, prior to certification.

When you partner with Urban Teachers, you’re choosing a partner who will be there with you at every step, doing everything it takes to ensure your students get the excellent teachers they deserve.


strategic staffing

When you share the cost of hosting Urban Teachers residents in your school, you get a cadre of high-energy, emerging teachers who are ready to assist in classrooms right away and on a fast trajectory to becoming the strongest teachers you’ll ever hire. You get a full year to see how your residents perform at your school, before making a hiring decision. 


Are you a match for Urban Teachers?

We are an actively growing organization, eager to explore new partnerships. We seek partners that:

understand the importance of teacher quality.

want a steady supply of effective new teachers.

aim to hold all teachers to rigorous standards.

value teachers as professional and continuous learners.

Baltimore, DC, and Dallas/fort Worth schools

We currently partner with 101 district and charter schools, adding new schools every year as demand for our teachers grows. Contact our staff in Baltimore, DC, or Dallas/Fort Worth to learn more about becoming a partner in either city.