Effectiveness, Every Time

We believe that schools and districts deserve an upfront guarantee of teacher effectiveness. Urban Teachers was founded on this premise. We guarantee the effectiveness of every new teacher we prepare, prior to awarding certification.

By holding our teachers accountable, we ensure all children get the teachers they deserve, every year.  


A High Bar at Every Stage

Urban Teachers' multi-measure Teacher Performance Assessment System helps us track the progress of every participant, determine who will advance from one stage to the next, and make our ultimate evaluation of effectiveness.


We select talented candidates from across the nation who are committed to a career in urban teaching. This year, only 30% of applicants were accepted to the program because of our high standards. Our participants are assessed over three years and held to rigorous standards for coursework, teaching practice, and growth mindset/professionalism. By the time our teachers are eligible for full licensure, they have already passed multiple benchmarks, and have on-the-job data proving their teaching expertise.

Read "Assessing Effectiveness: How Urban Teachers Evaluates Its New Teachers" to learn more.


What Do We Mean When We Say Effective?

Urban Teachers uses three measures to assess the effectiveness of our teachers.


Teaching Practice: Coaches and independent evaluators assess teacher performance across four areas of practice: building a productive and nurturing classroom environment; using data to guide instruction; setting and enacting precise goals; and fostering academic conversations.

Student Gains: Students in Urban Teachers classrooms take a nationally normed, computer-adaptive assessment in the fall and spring. 

Growth Mindset and Professionalism: Urban Teachers’ classroom observation rubric includes a category that assesses the degree to which teachers pursue continuous learning.