Partners in Transformation

Urban Teachers is more than a one-teacher-at-a-time operation. Our approach to new teacher preparation has the power to transform entire schools and districts, dramatically improving outcomes for children.


Why Partner with Urban Teachers?

  • Steady supply of effective teachers
  • Dramatically reduced teacher turnover
  • Additional, skilled adults in host classrooms
  • Expert coaching for every Urban Teachers participant for three years
  • Access to a strong, deep new teacher market
  • Multiple years of top-quality support for new teachers
  • Long-term savings via reduced turnover
  • A committed partner who shares your bottom line: better results for kids

Our partners count on us.

We provide quality teachers that our partner districts can’t get anywhere else. We also provide multiple years of coaching to every new teacher and strategic support that helps leaders make better decisions about teacher hiring, advancement, and staff development.


We make excellence attainable.

Our teachers are effective, they are relentless, and they are in it for the long haul. Over time, our teachers form a critical mass, influencing their peers and tipping their schools and districts toward excellence.

Last school year,

70% of Teachers returned for a third year of teaching.

In contrast, about 50% of all public school teachers
leave the profession within the first three years.