There are no short cuts to becoming a great teacher. That is why at Urban Teachers we provide the most intensive training you can get.

Our masters-level curriculum is a big part of what sets us apart. Our curriculum with the Johns Hopkins University School of Education was designed uniquely for Urban Teachers by expert educators who understand how children learn and how great teachers are made.


Rigorous and Practical

Every successful Urban Teachers participant earns a Master of Science in Education degree and two certifications (in special education and their subject area of choice). Our courses take you deep into instructional theory and child development, with practical assignments you can test out in the classroom. You will study your subject area as a student would, discovering where common challenges lie and how to help children over come them. 

You will gain deep understanding and solid experience in the fundamentals of great teaching, including:

  • planning and leading rigorous, well-sequenced lessons
  • creating a classroom environment where students feel supported and challenged
  • facilitating engaging classroom conversations that deepen understanding
  • using assessments to diagnose students’ needs
  • reaching diverse students through a mix of whole class and small group instruction

Subject Area Options

We currently offer three in-demand subject-area specialties. Each program of study is two years, a total of 48 credits, and leads to two certifications in your subject area and special education. Our Dallas/Fort Worth cohort receives additional coursework and a 3rd certification in English as a Second Language (ESL).

Elementary Education

Focus: elementary literacy, mathematics, and special education. Supplemental coursework in science and social studies.

Secondary Math

Focus: middle and high school mathematics and special education. Supplemental coursework in literacy in a math context.

Secondary Literacy

Focus: middle and high school English Language Arts and special education. Emphasis on addressing common reading challenges.



Our expert faculty are here to help you become great. You will take in-person courses with seasoned professionals, work side-by-side with mentor teachers in the classroom, and receive three years of personalized one-on-one coaching from an Urban Teachers coach.

Your coach is critical and is one part of what makes the Urban Teachers program so unique and so effective. This experienced educator will be there with you at every step to demonstrate new techniques, observe your work with students, provide feedback, talk through challenges, and push you to the next level of expertise. 


"My coach is devoted to making us become the best urban teachers. He pushes us to expect more of ourselves for our students and demands nothing short of excellence in applying our learning to the classroom. Becoming an urban teacher requires individuals to truly want the best for their students. I am lucky to have [my Urban Teachers' coach] guiding me along the way, pushing me to be the best that I can be!"  
-  Sterling Pino-DeGale, Cohort 2015


A Collaborative Approach

You will go through the program with a cohort of aspiring teachers who will become an important source of support now and throughout your career. You and your peers will take courses together, work as teams in host schools, share tips and strategies, and become one another’s support network for years to come. 


"Urban Teachers provided me with exceptional support as a teacher. Whenever I need help, strategies, texts, and anything else, Urban Teachers is there by my side. Knowing that I have a fellowship of wonderful, smart, and determined teachers makes my commitment to my students that much stronger."  
-  Adria Johnson, Cohort 2010