We're Relentless

Since 2010, Urban Teachers has grown rapidly to meet demand. We’ve welcomed over 680 aspiring teachers to date committed to serving students in Baltimore, DC, and Dallas/Fort Worth.  This year, more than 20,000 students across 101 public and charter schools in Baltimore City, DC, and Dallas/Fort Worth, will be taught by our new and aspiring teachers. 

Last summer Urban Teachers welcomed 184 more residents for its seventh class.

People of Color

From MD, VA, PA, DE, DC;
25 States Represented

Average GPA

Entered with 1-3 Years of Experience

Urban Teachers engages in nationwide recruitment efforts seeking diverse, resilient, results-oriented college graduates and career-changers that want to make a difference in urban education. We focus on screening for high-achieving individuals who seek to serve the students that need them the most and who exhibit a love of learning and persistence, the elements of a growth mindset that will enable them to persevere as they develop their teaching skills. 

  • 30% on average accepted through Urban Teachers' rigorous selection process.

intensive and aligned training and support

Important features of our program include a relevant and rigorous master’s degree program, 1,500 hours of real-world experience in multiple classroom settings, and 100 hours of instructional coaching and feedback across three years as Urban Teachers’ participants develop their teaching skills. 



Math courses prepared me to teach effectively


I feel supported by the other Urban Teachers participants in my building


Literacy courses prepared me to teach effectively


Urban Teachers' training gave me the knowledge/skills needed to be an effective teacher


Classroom management courses prepared me to teach effectively


Urban Teachers' training was of high quality overall


Effective Urban Teachers Who Stay

At every stage of the program, our teachers are held accountable for success in the classroom. We use the residency year to determine who is ready to manage their own classroom. About 80% of residents go on to earn keys to their own classroom.

SCHOOL YEAR 2014 - 2015:

  • 95% of host teachers strongly agreed/agreed that their resident positively impacts student learning.
  • 92% of residents felt very prepared/prepared to take on the role of full-time teacher the following year.

Those who become full-time teachers are truly committed to the profession. 

Last school year,

70% of Teachers returned for a third year of teaching.

In contrast, about 50% of all public school teachers
leave the profession within the first three years.


improved teacher quality for city schools

Urban Teachers' rigorous, multi-measure evaluation system ensures every teacher we recommend for certification is effective. We assess candidates based on teaching practice, growth mindset/professionalism, and student learning.


Meet our teachers!

Kendall Pigeon, Cohort 2016
As Dallas native and proud member of the inaugural Urban Teachers cohort in Dallas/Fort Worth, Kendall is proud to provide quality education to underserved students. Read more. 

Adrienne Williams, Cohort 2010
Adrienne supports students as well as teachers to perform at a higher level. Urban Teachers helped Adrienne develop the skills to make such leadership possible. Read more. 

Chris Lewis, Cohort 2011
Last year, all but one of Chris's 4th graders grew by at least four reading levels. What Chris learned through Urban Teachers helped him meet the needs of all his students. Read more.