Who We Seek

Urban Teachers recruits diverse, results-oriented individuals who are ready to make a difference in urban schools. We are rigorous in our selection because we believe children deserve the best career teachers we can provide.


Are you a match for Urban Teachers?

We look for candidates with the following experiences and characteristics:

Fit with Urban Teachers

  • Committed to children in underserved communities
  • Committed to teaching

Achievement Orientation

  • Academically excellent (3.0 GPA preferred)
  • Leadership experience
  • Perseverance and resilience


  • Open to feedback
  • Team player
  • Takes responsibility for actions

Professional Skills

  • Engages respectively
  • Strong organizational skills

What else will give you an edge?

Urban Teachers values experiences working with children and youth, preferably in an urban setting. We welcome applicants from like-minded organizations, such as City Year, Reading Partners, AmeriCorps Alums, Peer Health ExchangeHigher Achievement, and Jumpstart.


Meet our teachers!

Meghan Quigley, Cohort 2012
City Year Alum

"I joined Urban Teachers because I wanted to be as prepared as possible before I entered the classroom as a teacher of record." Read more.

Chatoia Martin, Cohort 2013
City Year Alum

"Urban Teachers supports and encourages you to become the best teacher YOU can be because that is what urban students need." Read more.

Natalie James, Cohort 2014
Breakthrough Collaborative Alum
"With the skills given to me, I can truly say I will be well prepared to lead my students to success.” Read More.