Why Should You Support Urban Teachers?

We can think of a few reasons.


1. You believe every child deserves a great teacher.

Urban Teachers prepares high quality teachers for the schools that need them most. Our highly skilled and deeply committed teachers know how to improve outcomes for every learner. Together, they are improving outcomes for thousands of urban students each year. 


2. You want better, stronger, more effective public schools.

According to 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores, only 33% of D.C. fourth graders are performing at or above proficiency in math and 30% in reading; in Baltimore, only 12% met that bar in math, 11% in reading. Our children deserve so much better, but real change cannot happen without great teachers to lead the work.

When you support Urban Teachers, you’re investing in the most powerful school improvement mechanism there is: great teachers. Our highly trained educators are on the front lines every day, setting an example for their colleagues, and tipping entire school communities toward excellence.


3. You’re ready to be part of something big.

Demand for Urban Teachers is growing steadily as school leaders witness the difference our teachers make in student outcomes. Soon, we will expand to additional cities. You can be part of our push for more effective, more accountable teacher preparation nationwide.

Support Urban Teachers and you’ll help show the country what it takes to prepare a great teacher, every time.

Thanks to our generous supporters, this year we will:

prepare and support nearly 400 participants (in addition to our alumni, still hard at work in our cities).

provide 101 schools with effective and committed educators.

reach over 20,000 students in two of the highest-need districts in the country.