Change starts in the classroom. 

Urban Teachers recruits passionate individuals who are ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of urban students.

Teaching is complex work. Our four-year program equips you with the tools and support you will need for a successful career in teaching, including a master's degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.


We know what it takes.

We understand what great urban teaching looks like and what it takes to get you there. No other teacher preparation program offers the intensity of support and practice that we do. 

You get a full year to work as a co-teacher in urban classrooms under the guidance of our expert faculty. 

You complete intensive, classroom-focused coursework that equips you to meet the needs of all learners. 

You receive three years of one-on-one coaching as you develop a truly outstanding practice. 

You spend four years working in urban schools to grow your practice, with opportunities to take on leadership roles.


We guarantee results.

Each aspect of our program is designed to help you achieve better results for children. You will get regular feedback as you develop your skills and will graduate with four years of data that prove your effectiveness.

Learn more about our effectiveness guarantee.


We prepare you for success. 

Urban Teachers gives you the foundation you need to pursue a rewarding career in education. You will graduate with:

a master's degree conferred by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education and two teaching certifications in special education and your subject grade speciality. 

a job in one of our partner districts, where effective, experienced teachers can earn up to $100,000 per year.

a door open to many exciting opportunities in urban education. 


Meet Our Teachers!

Jose Hernandez, Cohort 2011
"One of the reasons I chose Urban Teachers was because I knew I wanted to be a teacher. And four years later, I still want to be a teacher." Read more.

Kai Sam Ng, Cohort 2014
"Urban Teachers guarantees that its teachers serve, inspire, and drive students." Read more.

Jennifer McCatharn, Cohort 2010
"Urban Teachers understands the complexity of the task of teaching and doesn't underestimate the challenges which a new teacher will face." Read more.